World Football League


A soccer game that's just like Pro Evolution Soccer




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World Football League is a 3D soccer game where you play all the players on a team, passing the ball, dribbling, centering to the area, and shooting. Basically, it's a lot like the classic Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA for PC and game consoles.

In fact, World Football League's menus and lineups are really similar to the ones in the PES saga. Just like in those video games, you won't find the names of real players, but instead, very similar versions of their names. For example, instead of Benteke you play Bantaka; and instead of Witsel, you have Wetsal.

World Football League's controls are relatively complex for a touch screen game. On the left side of the screen, you have the directional buttons to move your player, while on the right side of the screen, you have the buttons to pass, center, dribble, and shoot. When you don't have the ball, these same buttons can be used to pressure and steal the ball.

World Football League is an excellent soccer game that not only has really good graphics, but also offers an above average gameplay. Best of all, it has tons of different game modes.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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